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The campaign is almost over – get out and vote on November 6th!

Published on March 22, 2012 by in Featured


If you are interested in helping with the Dumas For Congress campaigns you are welcome to attend the public access campaign meetings, which are held at 315 S Allen, State College Pa every Wednesday at 5pm. The actual meetings are held in room 116, the Centre County Democratic Committee headquarters. Enter the foyer at 315 S Allen, turn to the right and go thru the doors into the hallway, turn left and the CCDC office is at the very end of the hall.

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  1. Jennifer Chesworth

    Dear Mr. Dumas,
    Your campaign platform is difficult to find. It would be very helpful to see a comparison between Thompson’s voting record and your stand on the specific issues that went to a vote over the course of his stint in office, along with your stand on issues you anticipate coming up in the near future. Your background and filmography are very impressive, but they are second, auxiliary information to getting a good idea about what stands you will take and how you are going to vote if you are in office. It would be valuable to see that information front and center on your campaign page so voters can decide if they want you representing them!
    Thank you, I look forward to finding out more and wish you luck in your campaign.

  2. admin

    Yes, we are working on platforms and platform summarys, we are getting into the race late, which is a disadvantage, and still have much work to do. I’ve passed your comment onto the team.

    I also moved your comment from the about page to this most current post, I should have turned off comments on the pages, my bad.

    We are hoping to get a lot of work done in the next two weeks. Check back. And if you have any specific questions we should add to our platform list, please leave them here.

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