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Dumas campaign statement concerning the events in Libya , Egypt, and the Middle East

I strongly support President Obama’s actions in Libya and North Africa. As the Democratic candidate for the 5th Congressional District of PA., I believe that all Americans, particularly those in the public sector must stand shoulder to shoulder with the President in defense of our citizens abroad, particularly when they are there serving at the request and in the interests of the host country.

Years ago I spent some time in Egypt and somewhat less in Libya. I was recently back in Cairo at an international conference. I am familiar with the people and though I did not know him personally, I am familiar with statesmen like Ambassador Chris Stevens. They commit their lives to the service of their country, community and humanity. Unlike others they do not amass fortunes from the exploitation of the people and resources of the developing world. Rather they prefer being on the ground in the true Peace Corp tradition working with the indigenous people to build democracy, to construct community, to develop meaningful and beneficial projects. Ambassador Stevens had been instrumental in the overthrow of the former totalitarian regime. He helped convince the powers-that-be it would be in our nation’s interest to protect the insurgents against massive retaliation planned by Khadify. After the rebels won, Ambassador Stevens tried to help them build a governmental structure which would promote representative democracy in their newly formed nation.  He was also busy developing linkages to help get the new government of Libya a foothold in international affairs. He understood that for democracy to have a chance, let alone thrive, its proponents must remain vigilant and continue to struggle. Victory is in the process not the destination. Now he and the others are dead. They were dedicated public servants committed to the pursuit of justice and freedom. We mourn their loss but celebrate their lives. Charles Dumas for Congress charlesdumasforcongress@gmail.com

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  1. Martha Evans

    Thank you for presenting this insight into the depth of your interest in national foreign policy. Your peace corps experience will be of great value as our representative to Congress.

  2. Steve Gendler

    With all the gaff in Washington condemning the Libyan government (Carl Rove) and the President (Romney) for a terrorist attack in Libya and real outrage about the work of a kooky right wing preacher in California throughout the Arab world, we need cool heads like you and President Obama with real experience in foreign policy in charge in Washington.

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