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Personal thanks from Charles Dumas, and a message to the people of the 5th

Fellow Democrats and supporters, Jo and I, want to thank you for your support and courage in our recent campaign for Congress. It was a difficult challenge. But, your efforts paid off. We are celebrating President Obama’s victory in Pennsylvania and in the country. We are celebrating the victories of all of our Democratic party’s statewides. We gain seats in the U.S. House and Senate. It represented the triumph of our vision for moving our country forward through cooperation, communication and community. Unfortunately the President will still have to deal with a Republican controlled House of Representatives.  But, it is a House, which will have to respond to the articulated will of the people.

Though we lost the election in the 5th Pennsylvania, our campaign succeeded in giving many of our fellow Americans a voice in the process. Over a 100,000 people, 37 % of the electorate voted pulled the lever for Dumas and showed their support for the President.  We visited every one of the sixteen counties many times and made good friends and colleagues in each. We made sure that the issues in this election were clear to the voters. We tried to hold a referendum on the incumbent’s record of supporting the tea party agenda over the interests of his constituency. We engaged our incumbent in dialogue about the problems in our communities.

But, we cannot stop now.  As the President made clear, the process of Democracy does not stop with casting your vote.  We must stay involved and engaged. After the 2008 victory in the general election, we, Democrats, went home. The Republicans did not.  They put together a strategy which won the 2010 elections and take over a majority of seats in the House.  In Pennsylvania they won control of the Legislature and Governor’s mansion. The state government drew up the redistricting plans, which lost us seats in both Congress and the Legislature.

We cannot make that mistake again.  We must keep supporting the President.  Write letters to Rep. Thompson about the issues that matter to us, education, the environment, the economy, health care, voter suppression, women’s reproductive rights, support of working people. Right now taxes are in the spotlight. The President would like the one percenters, those who make over 250,000 a year, to start paying their fair share.

Brothers and sisters, again, I thank you for your support. Again I say we have the right to celebrate. But, that being done let’s roll up our sleeves and continue to struggle to bring our vision of America to fruition. You know – Don’t Quit!

Charles Dumas
Proud to be A Democrat

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