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This election is a choice between fundamental visions.

Published on November 1, 2012 by in Election News

This election is a choice between fundamental visions. Should we take two steps
backward and relinquish control of the economy and government to privileged economic
aristocrats, hoping they will pull us out of the economic swamp in which they dropped
us? Or should we continue to move forward, rebuild the American community and
restore the American dream? If elected I will work with the President and other
Democrats and Republicans and whoever is willing to roll up their sleeves: to find
solutions to our real problems, to develop programs and support ideas to keep the
economy growing, to provide a decent affordable education for all young people from k-
12 through college, to tighten the loose ends and smooth out the bumps in universal
affordable health care, to protect our environment and community resources for our
children and our grandchildren. These are not easy tasks but they are also not
insurmountable challenges.
In 1964 as a young man not yet old enough to vote I volunteered to go to Mississippi to
help register people to vote and to conduct freedom schools which taught adults to read
and write. At the time because of Jim Crow discrimination laws, less than seven percent
of the eligible African-Americans were registered to vote. There were no elected Black
officials in the state with close to 40% Black population. Through the efforts of 2,500
black and white civil rights workers, the tenacity of Mississippi citizens like Fannie Lou
Hammer, Dr. Aaron Henry, and Bob Moses, the support of a Democratic President and
Congress, we changed all that. It came at great cost. People lost jobs, homes and churches
were bombed. Some people gave their lives. But, we kept our eyes on the prize. Today
over 80% are registered and Mississippi has more Black elected officials than
Today we also face great challenges and to meet those challenges requires tenacity,
courage, and sacrifice. It requires committed people willing to sit down in community to
collaborate. It requires leaders who understand and respect the dignity of ALL the people.
President Obama is that leader and he cannot do it alone. He needs a Congress who will
work with him. I am Charles Dumas the Democratic Party’s candidate for Pennsylvania’s
5th District Congressional seat and I need your support.

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