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UNDER THE BAOBAB by Charles Dumas

Published on October 31, 2012 by in Election News

The sustainable aspect of United States world leadership is through example not military or even economic domination. Our strength is our ability to transform social dissimilarities into a productive social order. The wonder of American democracy is not that we are unconscious of difference, racial or otherwise, but that we have managed to figure out how to be respectful of each other’s identity and dignity despite those differences. We seek common ground through an understanding of mutual self-interest. It has not been easy. It has taken decades of struggle and the bloodiest war in our history to arrive at that common ground. This example could help transform the world.

I was a Fulbright Fellow in South Africa. I was a legal research assistant at the United Nations and have taught and performed in Africa, Asia, and Europe many times over the last 25 years. I have presented at conferences in Egypt, Brazil, Czech Republic, and Spain. I was honored to be a delegate-at-large representing our country at the World Summit on Sustainable Development.

After the 9/11/2001 attacks we seemed most vulnerable but ironically by the world we were most admired. Our ability to come together as one people to meet the crisis was inspiring. Even the French President said  “We are all Americans, today.”

We squandered much of that international goodwill on an ill-conceived war in Iraq and a long protracted war in Afghanistan . It sacrificed thousands of American lives and  cost billions of dollars, which is the primary cause of our economic deficit and a major contributor to the Great Recession of 2008.  President Obama, seeking solutions to those problems, ended the Iraq War and is drawing down in Afghanistan. He is pressuring China to deal fairly in the world’s markets.  He is using sanctions to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons. He is using less invasive but effective military techniques to track and destroy Al-Qaeda operatives. He is using the United Nations to bring pressure in Syria.

The President can’t do it alone. The Tea Party led Republican House of Representatives has committed to just one agenda – the removal of the President by sabotaging any programs he proposes.   I believe the refusal of Republicans in the House  to work with the President borders on an intolerance which violates our sense of fairness and respect.  If I am elected I pledge to work with the President and with Republicans and Democrats in the Congress to help maintain our leadership in the world. More info at:  www.charlesdumasforcongress.com Paid for by Charles Dumas for Congress

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